Tips on how to protect your home from wind and storm damage.

Storm damage could costs homeowners.

The weather this winter is expected to be cold and windy. This may be no great surprise to us living in the “grim” north of England, especially those familiar with “Ice Station Zebra” conditions. However the Met Office has warned again of more strong winds, Gale Force and sustained heavy rain and snow.  Our Building Supplies department, tells us that at this time of year we are busy supplying materials to fix roofs, fencing and sheds caused by storm damage.

What can you do?

It’s said that every englishman’s home is his castle, well at least it protects us from the elements. So we recommend taking a few steps to minimise potential damage to your property. There may be exclusions on your Home Insurance which do not cover damage by the weather over a period of time, so we feel prevention is better than cure.

Check your Roofverge

Check your roof for signs of damage. Replace broken, loose or damaged tiles and slates. We suggest that repairs are carried out by skilled roofers or builders for safety reasons.
You can however, perform a few checks yourself to identify potential problems and prevent further storm damage.
During daylight a simple visual check of the roofline, gable and ridge is a simple starting point. Internally, inspect signs of damage from inside your attic or loft space. Look for wet or damp areas for signs of leakage. If done in daylight, this is easier to spot light entering through small gaps. Again a friendly, local, recommended building or roofing specialist can help if necessary.

Clear your GardenFencing

Store away those loose items in your garden. A simple task but often forgotten job is clearing the garden, patio or yard of items that can be blown around by the wind. Not only do you risk losing them to a neighbour but some heavier items can cause damage to your fencing or even vehicles. Just clear away toys, check that ornaments are stable and ensure tables and chairs are covered and not exposed.

Is the Shed or Garage is watertight?



Will also tells us that many customers buy heavy duty roof felt to repair damaged sheds and garage roofs. It’s never too late to check this. BBQ’s, toys, and garden equipment can be  ruined throughout winter by water damage from a leaking roof.

We do hope that the weather this winter doesn’t cause you too much concern. But if you need any help, advice or even fencing and building materials, we are more than happy to help. And if you live locally we can even deliver for free.


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