Now available at George Hill

We have a new product in store to let you know about – Barleystone block paving. You can view The Larchfield and Kingspave Cobble ranges on our website They offer a far more extensive range of colours than most manufacturers and at a very reasonable price. The products below are also now available in […]

Clean slate – or worktop

Now the weather is getting colder there’s less of the outside type jobs to do, or less inclination to do them. It may be that you or your customers are thinking about jobs around the house that don’t involve having all the doors and windows open. Autumn can be a good time to renovate the […]

Decking ideas for your garden

Well crafted decking is the perfect addition to any garden, particularly during the summer months. Compared to most standard patios, a deck made from high quality timber gives you a warmer feel, a softer touch than stone and adds a real touch of class to your home outdoors. Decking is versatile, easy to personalise and […]

How to waterproof MDF

MDF is a fantastic material that is relatively less expensive than many other alternatives, suchΒ as plywood. Its smooth and consistent surface makes it a great surface for painting and cutting detailed designs. Highly versatile, MDF can be used for a number of different purposes including kitchen and bathroom furniture and window sills. It has a […]

How to build a stepping stone path

o A stepping stone path is a fantastic addition to any garden… As well as the attractive look, stepping stones also serve the important purpose of protecting your grass, gravel or any other areas you wish to protect from foot traffic.Β As for the work involved, installing a stepping stone path is actually easier than you […]