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Titan Midmade Timber Loft Ladders

Folding timber loft ladders provide aesthetically pleasing, space-saving and easy to use access to your loft conversion or attic. There are metal products available on the market, but for a attractive look which will compliment any number of décor designs and architectural styles we recommend Timber.

Why Timber?

Timber loft ladders are generally supplied complete with a timber frame, which can be installed into your existing ceiling. Openings for the industry-leading Titan folding loft ladders will generally vary between 500 and 700mm wide and 1100 to 1200mm long, giving you enough space for comfortable maneuverability, while remaining suitable even when space is limited.


Timber loft ladders come complete with a trap door, which will often be insulated through either polystyrene or rubber. Polystyrene is effective at retaining heat, whereas rubber seals will also trap draughts and help to prevent extreme temperatures in your loft. Trap doors manufactured by Titan also feature attractive white inner and outer surfaces, to blend with your room’s existing colour scheme.

Easy to use.

Timber loft ladders feature easy to use catches, for simple opening or closing. Often a wood push and pull rod will also be included, allowing you to effortlessly open the trapdoor and release the ladder while standing below. Products like the TDE27 Exclusive Loft Ladder even feature innovative spring counter balancing systems for smooth operation, which eliminates loud or damaging slamming.

Space Effective Storage.

Folding timber loft ladders will generally come in three sections, for convenient and space-effective storage when the trapdoor is closed. Each individual section will fold up and be stored against the trapdoor itself, ensuring no additional loft clearance is required. This means you’ll have plenty of room for storage, or for furnishings and living space if you’ve installed a loft conversion.


The ladders themselves are constructed from the highest standard of timber, which features an attractive grain and excellent structural integrity to take your weight without bowing or bending. Certain models like the Titan Midmade feature ladders are made from quality Scandanavian spruce wood, for greater durability and an attractive finish. The Midmade, like Titan’s Top Flight timber loft ladder, also comes complete with a handrail. This provides support when climbing into and out of the loft.


As an additional safety precaution, many folding timber loft ladders, like the Titan TMM26, also feature non-slip rubber feet. These will prevent the ladder from sliding across the floor as you’re ascending or descending, meaning the likelihood of any slips or falls are minimal, an essential feature for any eventuality.

Loft Ladders for sale at George Hill Ltd

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional method of loft access, why not consider one of the Titan folding timber loft ladders? With several to choose from, you’ll have no problem selecting a ladder and trap door which suits your budget, while providing easy and convenient access to your loft.

We have Titan Loft Ladders for sale in our Hardware store. For more information about your options, prices and installation, feel free to contact us by email, telephone or in-store and we’ll be pleased to help.

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