How to Weatherproof a Shed

Winter is coming, weatherproof your shed!

With winter fast approaching, any home owner is likely to be wondering how to weatherproof your shed. As temperatures drop, we can look to enjoy more frequent rain and hail and even some rare snowfall. Unlike some animals, unfortunately we aren’t able to hibernate through the colder months. Whether we’re storing and using garden tools, playing with the kids’ toys or catching up on some paperwork, the chances are we’ll still be using our sheds at some point this winter.

Cuprinol Ducksback Shed and Fence Treatment

Cuprinol Ducksback Shed and Fence Treatment

However, the unglamorous shed can often be neglected from proper maintenance and repairs, so your old or weathered shed may not provide the protection from the elements which you need. Holes or gaps in the wood can cause drafts, and allow water to accumulate inside. This can lead to weakened joints or warped wood, both of which will compromise the structural strength of your shed, and even lead to a replacement. However, you can save money down the line simply by following these easy and cost-effective weatherproof treatments.


It’s firstly important to ensure our shed is properly elevated from the ground, as this can cause moisture to soak into the wooden floor of your shed. With proper ground clearance water won’t reach the wood and the resulting air flow will dry the ground. This will ensure that no rotting or mould can develop on the wood so your shed is strong and stable enough to withstand the battering of winter winds and hail.


For a small investment you can also treat the walls and roof of your shed with a wood-based sealant. Applied with an easy to use gun, sealant will fill in any cracks or holes between slats of wood, preventing cold winds or moisture from entering the shed. On top of this, the wood can be treated with a spirit-based waterproofing solution, applied in a spray. For a more attractive finish and extra protection against the elements, you could also coat your shed with a layer of waterproof paint, with plenty of colours available to buy online and in store.

Lining with MDF

High Quality MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

High Quality MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

While these procedures are inexpensive ways to weatherproof your shed, you may find that wind and rain will still creep through small gaps and holes. For the most effective way to weatherproof a shed, you should consider lining your shed with sheets of MDF. Here at George Hill Ltd we offer inexpensive sheets of durable, high quality MDF, which we’ll also cut to the exact dimensions of your shed. They can then be easily installed across the walls, roof and floor of your shed and will retain heat while keeping out the elements and preventing the need for costly repairs or replacements. Whether you use your shed to store garden tools and sports equipment or as a standalone office, ensure you’re protected from the weather by installing sheets of MDF. You’ll enjoy a more pleasant experience while spending time inside the shed and reduce the chance of any potentially expensive maintenance.

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