How to protect and transform your garden fence

A well-planned and well-kept garden is the perfect place to relax on a sunny day and can add significant saleability to any home, which is why people tend to invest quite heavily in getting the content of their garden just right.

In many cases, the starting point is to select plants, pots, trees and other attractive bits and bobs that aim to bring the garden to life. But despite being one of the first elements to catch the viewer’s eye, the garden fence is often overlooked as a key feature.

As with a frame or a painting or photograph it can be seen as more of a necessity, security measure or something to keep the dogs from getting out. While it certainly is all those things, a fence is also an opportunity to add impact and value to the garden’s overall look and feel.

Here are some useful tips on how to keep your fence in top condition, as well as a few ideas on how you might be able to spruce it up a bit…

Stains, varnishes and finishes: What’s the difference?

There are plenty of woodcare products out there that are billed as an all-in-one colour, coat and protector. However, it’s good to know the distinctions between different types of woodcare before deciding on the best option for your garden fence.

A wood stain is a liquid that colours the wood a certain shade. This is mainly for aesthetic appeal and does not contain many protective qualities.

A wood finish is a liquid, paste, or gel that is spread thinly onto wood. The finish either forms a coating on the wood to build a layer of protection or penetrates the wood surface to nourish it.

A wood varnish is a type of finishing product that is applied to the wood to bring out its natural appearance. It’s usually in the form of an oil and can be applied after a wood stain to enhance the look even further. It has more protective qualities than a wood stain.

Woodcare protection for your garden fence

A high quality, robust wooden fence can last for years, providing it is regularly maintained with an equally high-quality wood preserver. The preserver nourishes and seals fence panels and posts so that the wood is protected from all elements, rot and insect damage.

The Heavy Duty Waney Fence Panel is one of our best sellers, and a great base to work with

There is also a range of formulas – like Cuprinol Ducksback – that we supply in a range of colours are wax enriched, water repellant, non-drip and quick to dry. This makes it as easy and hassle-free as possible to cover your fence from top to toe, while protecting against water damage, cracking, peeling and splitting.

Once protected, you can then focus on choosing the right colour or finish to tie other garden features together nicely and add a splash of individual appeal.

If you’re looking for more information or advice on fencing, decking, or any other garden project, get in touch at, give us a ring on 0161 627 2020 or leave a comment below…

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