How to fit a garden trellis


A trellis is most often used to provide support for climbing plants that donโ€™t grip directly onto stone or brick and to help cover up walls with plants without worrying about them damaging the wall itself.

Before mounting a trellis, battensย need to be secured to the wall to give the plants access to the back of the trellis. Choose battens that are between one and two inches thick and screw them to the wall using a masonry drill, wall plugs and brass or galvanised screws (to prevent rusting). Position one batten at the top, and one at the bottom, adding a third in the middle if the trellis is particularly long. Once the battens are in place, drill through the trellis and nail or screw it to the batten all the way along.

If you are fixing the trellis to fence panels the process is the same. However there are framed trellises available which fit directly to the top of fence panels. These are secured using galvanised fencing clips. Simply screw them to the bottom of each panel, place the trellis on top of the fence and then secure the bracket to the top. Thatโ€™s all there is to it!

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