How to build your own shed

Fancy building your own shed….
Well you can, from start to finish we can supply all the materials you need. A one stop shop from the base to the roof.

The base is key for garden sheds. They need to sit on a hard level base. We can offer all the materials for concreting along with different sizes of treated timber to support your shed. For the framework you can choose from 2 x 2 and 2 x 3 S4S carcassing depending on the strength you’d prefer.

Next for the sides, back and front we offer many different redwood profiles and cladding to suit your choice of style.

redwood weather board

For the roof we supply different sheet materials for you to choose from and the felt to cover it with.
Screws, Nails, Hinges, Locks etc are all available in our hardware shop.

Before you put your shed together, treat all the wooden parts. This can be doneΒ on site in one of our two treatment plants or by yourself using one of the various colours that can be bought in the shop.

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