How to Build a Pergola

In addition to being a simple building project, a pergola can be an elegant addition to your garden or patio to help you enjoy those lazy summer afternoons. Pergolas are designed to provide shade and filtered sunlight and are ideal for growing climbing plants as the beams and rafters provide a natural support.

What you will need:

First, choose the site for your pergola and mark the placement of the four posts. Using a post-hole digger or auger, dig holes of 24 inches deep and 9 inches in width. Add a few inches of gravel to the bottom of each hole – this will help with drainage.

Next, insert the pergola posts into the holes, making sure they are level and plumb. Hold them in place using temporary 50 x 100 carcassing as a brace. Use Postcrete cement, according to the manufacturer’s instructions and pour into the holes before letting it set for 24 hours.

While the cement is setting, cut joist beams from 50 x 150 treated carcasssing to span the pergola posts. If you want to create a decorative look on the end of the joist beams, draw a design on to the wood and cut along it with a jigsaw. With the boards clamped in place, drill holes through the beams and posts and secure using timber drive screws.

Next, cut the stringers from 50 x 100 treated carcasssing to span and overhang the joist beams. As with the joist beams, to add decoration cut in a design with a jigsaw. Evenly space the stringers perpendicular to the beams and secure using 3” galvanised deck screws.

 Finally, plant and train a climbing plant such as Honeysuckle or Clematis around the pergola to create a floral, shady garden feature.

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