Green green grass – all year round

Is October really the time to be talking lawns? Well yes if you are talking artificial lawns which we are.

Artificial grass has become hugely popular in the UK as an alternative to time consuming and high maintenance natural lawns. No longer the preserve of top of the league football pitches, artificial grass is now a viable and affordable option for your common or garden, err, garden.

What was once luminous and prickly to the touch, artificial grass is now highly natural looking and softer. Maybe your neighbours have it and it looks so good you didn’t even notice? Or maybe you could be the trendsetter in your street! And if you’re a gardener by trade, laying artificial grass could be another service that you offer. In fact, if you work with schools, nurseries, sports clubs, council public spaces, think of the uses and applications there are for artificial grass.


Artificial grass can be laid at any time of the year. It doesn’t have to be dry to lay it, and it can be laid on to any hard or soft surface. So it can go equally well on top of concrete, decking or soil. And once laid you don’t have to wait for it to bed in before using it. You lay it, you walk on it. Just think – no more mowing, weeding, seeding patches, winter preparation aerating or grass stains.

We find customers use it for shady patches where grass doesn’t tend to grow well and in small spaces where using a lawnmower might be tricky. It also serves families with children and pets – no more bald patches from football, cricket or swingball, or animal mess. Contractors also use it on balconies and roof terraces in both domestic and commercial properties. It can literally be laid anywhere at any time of the year and looks good all year round.

It also comes in different grades and finishes.


Thicknesses range from 25mm to 40mm depending on personal preference.  And with no more back breaking maintenance there’s more time for relaxing in a deck chair.   We have 30mm in stock and can order in 25mm and 40mm within 2-3 days. We carry samples of all thicknesses at our branches, so if you want to have a look and a feel, and ask any questions, as always, just come and see us.

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