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At George Hill Ltd we are well known for our timber but we wanted to let you know about one of the more unique products we stock – Enviroboard. We are the only stockists of it this side of north London and there are only two other stockists in the UK – London and West Sussex.

Enviroboards are a Class O fire rated composite board, which means it protects surfaces from the spread of fire and limits the heat released from surfaces during a fire. Class O is the highest achievable standard.  They are designed to carry the combined properties of wood based panels and provide a strong bonding and crushing strength that acts the same as concrete.

And there are so many more benefits to using Enviroboards.

The boards have been engineered to eliminate the toughest problems facing architects, engineers, contractors, builders and consumers. They are virtually impervious to fire, water and insects; are non combustible and non flammable. Enviroboards are a mineral based product, completely free of toxins such as asbestos, formaldehyde or silica so are safe for installers and consumers alike and can be disposed of in landfill – there is no special requirement for their disposal.

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The coefficient of expansion for Enviroboards is extremely low which means there is no need to leave gaps between joints to accommodate expansion and contraction, and they can be finished with just about anything on the market today including paint, plaster, wall paper, brick and stone and tiles. Since they are smooth on one side, you can achieve a beautiful and durable finish with fewer man-hours than typical gypsum board .The excellent adhesion properties of Enviroboards also make them a perfect product for Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS), Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS) and interior wall systems.

Enviroboards can be installed with screws or nails depending on the application you are using them for. Finishing interior walls and ceilings is also easy using standard joint compound and fibreglass joint tape.

They can actually be submerged in water for months with virtually no dimensional change whatsoever – they are resistant to the effects of moisture, mildew, solvents, bleach, acids, alkalis, decay and rodents. Enviroboards have been tested to many international standards including British, European, and US standards – see full data sheet at Enviroboards datasheet

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They are suitable for many applications including ceiling linings, steel structures, exterior cladding, fire rated partitions, suspended ceilings, soffits, roof, eaves, gables, underlay systems, boxing for E&M services, wet room applications and Enviroboards comply with “The Dorset Model” for new build and extensions to thatched properties.

Enviroboards are a strong and versatile product suitable for many uses in construction and refurbishment projects, and they are available in 9mm and 12mm boards.

Please note George Hill Ltd can only supply Enviroboard to the North West.

Drop us a line on or call 0161 627 2020 to discuss your requirements.

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