Flags, Paving, Gravel: What’s the best cover for a driveway?

Your driveway is effectively the first impression made on any passer-by or visitor to your home.

If you want to ensure that your house has street appeal, a well-kept and well-designed driveway is essential. In terms of real estate, it’s also a major factor when looking to sell a property and can have a significant impact on a person’s perception of the house itself.

So what’s the ideal cover for your driveway? There are a number of options out there ranging from flags to paving to gravel – here’s our guide to choosing the right cover for your driveway…


Flagstone driveways are beautiful in appearance and lend a unique and classy appeal to the front of your house.

The flags are generally cut to different shapes sizes in a custom arrangement, giving a bespoke look to your driveway that other options such as concrete or tarmac can’t match. However, this does mean that a flagstone driveway tends to require more time and care to install. The end result is well worth it though…


flagstones 2.jpg

We stock a range of flagstone options, including Indian Stone, Wyresdale Raven and Natural.


Paving a driveway follows the same concept as laying flagstones, but the stones themselves are often cut in block form which gives a more symmetrical, uniform look to the driveway.

That said, there tends to be many laying patterns available so you can tailor the classic paved look to suit your taste. Paving is also very durable which makes it a stylish long term solution for your driveway.

We stock a range of paving options, including Abbey Setts, Traditional Block and Windsor.


With proper maintenance, a gravel driveway can last you a lifetime. Like flagstones, it gives a rustic, inviting charm to the front of your house and can tie other aesthetic features together nicely.

Once you’ve got the groundwork down, gravel is relatively easy to lay compared to flagstones and paving. All you need is a decent sized trailer, a shovel and a rake and you’ll be looking good within a few hours. Just be careful to keep the driveway looking neat and tidy by occasionally brushing back displaced stones and adding a top layer every now and again.


We stock a range of gravel options, including Pea Gravel, Staffordshire Pink and Klondike Gold.

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