Decking ideas for your garden

Well crafted decking is the perfect addition to any garden, particularly during the summer months. Compared to most standard patios, a deck made from high quality timber gives you a warmer feel, a softer touch than stone and adds a real touch of class to your home outdoors.

Decking is versatile, easy to personalise and can be styled to suit any purpose. As a transition between kitchen and garden it makes a perfect outdoor living area for serving food and drinks, maybe even a barbecue? It also doesn’t look out of place when positioned away from the house in a sunny or secluded spot, an ideal space to enjoy a good book or glass of wine after work.

Choosing the size of deck

It’s important to plan out your space beforehand to get an accurate idea of the size of space you’re looking to cover.

Take into account the lay of the land as you may need to navigate slopes and dips in the ground. Keep your purpose in mind and think early on about the type of furniture you need to fit the space. If you’re looking to fit an eight-seater table, the deck will need to be fairly big to accommodate this.

Straight or curvy?

Although many decking designs are rectangular, decking boards can also be rounded or curved around key features in your garden – such as ponds or trees. This softens the appearance of the deck and can be a very attractive focal point.

Customise your deck

Once your deck is in place it’s time to add the little touches that really make it stand out as a key garden feature.

A well-chosen wood stain can do wonders for the final effect, while a railing is both decorative and a potential safety measure. And as it’s likely intended to withstand countless footsteps over the course of months and years it’s also a good idea to regularly clean and apply a protective finish to the deck to keep it in good nick.

If you really want to make the deck stand out, a coat or two of bright, vibrant paint can look fantastic. It’s a bold look, but one that really suits the summer sunshine.


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