Creating Extra Storage Space: How to board your loft

shutterstock_271213337Christmas is just around the corner and with all the presents and extra decorations we tend to hoard year on year, a little additional storage can go a long way. Boarding out your spare loft space can offer you a safe and clean storage area to keep those boxes of memories, decorations, summer clothes and anything else you can’t bring yourself to get rid of.

In order to board out your space properly, you’ll need a jigsaw, workbench, hammer, screwdrivers, drill, tape measure and pencil or pen.

Firstly, you’ll need to measure the area that you want the boards to cover. Then, choose your loft boards – they usually come in two different sizes; 2,400mm x 600mm and 1,220mm x 320mm; both of which are 18mm thick, but remember to make sure that the boards fit through your loft hatch.

To begin, place a board between the ceiling joists to use as a temporary work platform before you start fitting the boards in place. It is best to lay them in a staggered pattern to ensure the joints don’t all lineup and create a weak point. Be careful not to trap any wires and cut the boards when necessary to make sure you have access to any light fittings in the future.

Once you’re confident with the position of your boards – that they give you a safe area to stand on and to store things – it’s time to make them permanent. Drill two or three pilot holes along the edge of each board, lining up with the centre of the joist below and screw them into place. 

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