Why Choose Artificial Grass for your Garden?


Synthetic turf can give you a perfect lawn all year round, no matter what the weather or how shady your garden, without you having to lift a finger! A far cry from the astroturf of school football pitches, synthetic grass  can be bought in a wide variety of appearances and textures with a range of thicknesses, pile heights and colours, giving your garden a deceptively realistic grassy feel. With so many choices you can be sure that you will find the perfect product for your space.

Aside from being able to cope with lots of activity (whether it be pets or football practice!), without any soil or mud-patching in your turf, you can be sure to avoid any muddy traffic through the house, and any mess and dirt that might be tracked on to the artificial turf can be easily hosed down and cleaned away, without the risk of discolouration.

Without a natural grass environment, moles, insects and other pests will no longer be drawn to your garden so you can be confident that your garden is pest free, adding to it’s already lengthy life of up to 10 years. A reasonably quick and easy job to install, an artificial lawn can give you a luscious green garden to enjoy all year round.

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