Metalwork & Lintels

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Joist hangers, steel lintels, restraint straps, wall ties and frame cramps are just some of the construction metalwork building supplies available. These are available at the following builders merchants in Oldham, Bolton, Sale & Nelson.

  • A142 Reinforcing Mesh

    A142 Reinforcing Mesh

    £38.00 inc. Vat £45.60 Add to cart
  • Angle Bead

    Angle Bead

    £1.05£1.25 Select options
  • Catnic Lintels
  • Concrete Lintels

    Concrete Lintels

    £3.60£22.00 Select options
  • Crocodile Wall Starter Kit

    Crocodile Wall Starter Kit

    £10.95 inc. Vat £13.14 Add to cart
  • Fixing Band

    Fixing Band

    £8.15 inc. Vat £9.78 Add to cart
  • Herringbone Strut

    Herringbone Strut

    £0.66£0.88 Select options
  • HRT4 Wall Ties

    HRT4 Wall Ties

    £3.80£24.95 Select options
  • Metpost Boltdown

    Metpost Boltdown

    £6.20£7.25 Select options
  • Metpost Spike

    Metpost Spike

    £6.66£9.60 Select options
  • Restraint Straps
  • RT2 Wall Ties

    RT2 Wall Ties

    £5.20£43.95 Select options

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