How to build your own backyard BBQ pit

Love a barbecue but don’t want to fork out £50 on a small, compact unit that you can barely fit four sausages on?

Fear not! Building a decent-sized BBQ pit at a fraction of the cost is a worthwhile project for those long summer days, particularly if you’re planning a few meals outside with the kids or hosting a garden party or two.

Here’s how to do it…

Plan out your space

You need a good location for your barbecue pit so make sure to choose an area in your garden that’s safe, secure and doesn’t result in billows of smoke entering your neighbour’s air space.

Ideally, you should look to build the pit on concrete, gravel, paving, slabs or even your patio; always avoid wooden decking or directly on grass. It’s a good idea not to build it too far away from your kitchen, but also make sure you find a nice patch of level ground and avoid any overhanging trees or nearby fences.

Draw out an accurate plan of the size of the BBQ before lifting a finger. Also make sure to plan around the size of your chosen grill and remember that you’re looking to build the bricks or blocks up to around waist-height.

Research your ideal design

There are plenty to choose from so make sure to research BBQ designs to find the ideal one for your garden. If you’re looking for something really quick and easy, all you need is a few simple tools – a shovel, bricks or cinderblocks, a spirit level, a grill, and you’re away.

You can either go for a rectangular or circular design. Staggering the bricks will ensure the BBQ stands firm and makes it easier to disassemble, but you also have the option to mortar the bricks together for extra security if you’re looking to make the BBQ pit a permanent feature…

Get building

Once you’ve found the ideal spot and cleared your level space, it’s time to get building. Make sure you follow the measurements in your plan and check the stability of the bricks as you go along.

Careful not to place the grill too high or low above the coals as this will affect the quality of the cooking. Placing the grill on the top layer of bricks will be fine, but you may also wish to add another layer to ‘sandwich’ the grill in between bricks for extra security.

And that’s pretty much it! If you’re looking for a helping hand with the project, the promise of some tasty burgers should be enough to convince a few friends or family…

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