What is Softwood

Softwoods are generally light, open-grained woods which are used for a wide range of applications inside the home. The next time you visit George Hill Timber, take a look around and you’ll notice a wide variety of softwood, all of which are suitable for building furniture, home renovations and much more. “Cedars, pines and firs, […]

What is Sikkens Wood Stain

What is Sikkens? The use of high quality hardwoods and softwoods will generally provide your room with an attractive finish, whether you’ve installed flooring, a door or a window frame. However with the use of Sikkens woodstains you can add years to the life expectancy of your new features, while also achieving any number of attractive finishes which […]

The Types of Softwoods – Pine

More about pine. Pine (Redwood) is a great wood for home building, construction and furniture making. Pine (Redwood) is very popular for making doors,windows and furniture as it is inexpensive and readily available. Redwood comes in many varieties.  There are about 115 species of pine trees growing in the world. Pine (Redwood) is a Softwood. Softwoods come […]

Timber and Building Merchants

George Hill is a leading independent timber merchant and building supplies provider in the North West, with branches in Oldham, Manchester, Bolton and Nelson. Founded in 1919 we’re family run, and have been for 99 years.

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