Clean slate โ€“ or worktop

Now the weather is getting colder thereโ€™s less of the outside type jobs to do, or less inclination to do them. It may be that you or your customers are thinking about jobs around the house that donโ€™t involve having all the doors and windows open. Autumn can be a good time to renovate the […]

Decking ideas for your garden

Well crafted decking is the perfect addition to any garden, particularly during the summer months. Compared to most standard patios, a deck made from high quality timber gives you a warmer feel, a softer touch than stone and adds a real touch of class to your home outdoors. Decking is versatile, easy to personalise and […]

Different types of sand explained

Aggregates. Itโ€™s a broad term that covers granular materials used in construction: sand, grit, gravel, limestone, granite, right through to various decorative stone and chippings. These materials tend be bought and sold in large batches, often intended for the purpose of a specific building project. As youโ€™d expect, aggregates have a wide range of uses […]

What is Enviroboard used for?

  Enviroboard is a versatile fireproof construction board that is fast becoming a staple material across the building industry. It is known in the trade as a higher quality, cheaper alternative to other brands of fire-resistant material โ€“ namely Supalux and Masterboard. Enviroboard is designed to contain the combined properties of wood-based panels and provide […]

Timber Decay: What to look for

  Most damage is caused by ageing of the timber, or by damp conditions, saturating the fibres creating a bed for fungal spores of dry and wet rot, or wood-boring insect eggs. Dry Rot Dry rot fungus can rampage through a building, destroying any timber in its path. The fungus thrives in moist unventilated conditions […]

Timber and Building Merchants

George Hill is a leading independent timber merchant and building supplies provider in the North West, with branches in Oldham, Manchester, Bolton and Nelson. Founded in 1919 weโ€™re family run, and have been for 99 years.

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