How to Hang an Internal Door

Whether youโ€™re redecorating your home or have just moved house, fitting new doors may sound like a difficult task. By following a few crucial guidelines though, itโ€™s relatively simple DIY. Read our step-by-step advice to make replacing an internal door straightforward and quick. Before you start, youโ€™ll need to remove your existing door from the […]

How to waterproof MDF

MDF is a fantastic material that is relatively less expensive than many other alternatives, suchย as plywood. Its smooth and consistent surface makes it a great surface for painting and cutting detailed designs. Highly versatile, MDF can be used for a number of different purposes including kitchen and bathroom furniture and window sills. It has a […]

How to Restore an Oak Beam

Oak beams are not only an inherent part of many architectural design needs, but also a striking and bold aesthetic feature. However, over time beams can become dirty, turn grey, and the finish can become cloudy or even flake off. With a few simple supplies you can restore these gorgeous features to their former beauty. […]

How To Turn Old Floorboards Into Wall Art

The ever-popular white-washed, rustic, coastal style is a summer must-have in your home. With these simple steps you can update your decor this summer and transform your old, reclaimed wood into modern, rustic wall art. What you will need: A number of floorboards or planks cut to size Nails Stencil Paint brushes Paint Sandpaper How […]

How to Make a Raised Garden Bed

Not only are raised garden beds a great way to create a neat and attractive plot, they also extend the planting season, improve drainage, and enable you to plant flowers, fruit and vegetables in any area of your garden. Best of all, they are quick and easy to make. What you will need: Spade String […]

How to look after your Garden Decking

Decking has become a very popular feature in our gardens over the last few years, helping us to make the most of our British summer time. What better place is there to soak up the sunshine and enjoy meals outside than in your own garden? However, as you venture back out to your garden this […]

Timber and Building Merchants

George Hill is a leading independent timber merchant and building supplies provider in the North West, with branches in Oldham, Manchester, Bolton and Nelson. Founded in 1919 weโ€™re family run, and have been for 99 years.

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