Be Prepared, Winter Motoring Tips.

Winter Motoring – are you ready for the roads this winter?

Experts are saying we heading for the worst winter in 60 years with 100 days of sub-zero temperatures and lots of snow. It’s a grim prediction. With heating bills increasing the cost of winter can be high for all of us in the UK, especially those of us in the North of England who seem to have colder than average temperatures and stronger winds.  The cost to businesses can be high but the risks can be reduced.

Keep Moving!

If you depend on your vehicle to get to work then make sure it’s safe to drive on winter roads. Missing jobs, appointments or being late for work can be a disaster so make sure you can clear your drive and see through your windscreen.

Motoring Checklist

  • Check;
  • Battery and Electrics,
  • Antifreeze,
  • Visibility,
  • Tyres,
This pack is ideal for clearing driveways and roads.

This pack is ideal for clearing driveways and roads. Includes snow shovel, Ice Salt & Gloves.

We have 2 packs to help

Our 3-in-1 drive clear pack. We’ve put together a pack consisting of a Sturdy Snow Shovel, Ice Clear Salt and high quality insulated gloves for ONLY £10, which is a 15% saving on individual prices. The Snow Shovel has a strong plastic handle and a stale which should be strong enough for cutting through the heaviest of snow drifts. The Ice Clear salt is a fast acting salt to clear ice from the road or your drive. We have included some great builders gloves which will keep the frost from your fingers too.

What isn’t included though is the elbow grease needed complete the job.

Carplan Windscreen Clear Screen pack.  Do not drive with poor visibility! As well as being a driving offence it is very dangerous driving whilst looking through frosted windscreen. How could you avoid other motorists, ice and even pedestrians? This pack is a perfect one box solution available in our hardware store. It includes, De-icer, Screen wash, Scraper and Cloth all for only £4.79 inc vat.

De-icer, Screenwash, Scraper and Sponge Cloth.

De-icer, Screenwash, Scraper and Sponge Cloth.


Take Advantage of Free Delivery.

Did you know that George Hill deliver locally for free? Why bother making more unnecessary journeys? Wasting time, fuel and risking the roads may not be the answer. If you know what you items you need, simply call us and we can arrange delivery for you. Whether it’s Timber, Sheet Materials, Building supplies or DIY goods, we can deliver locally at no cost (of course this depends on size of order and distance). Just phone us and ask for more details. 

We hope you are safe during the winter, please drive carefully.

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